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  • Guy
    Posted June 9, 2018 at 1:33 pm

    Father Barnabas,

    I was baptized into the Russian Orthodox Church in Peoria, Il . On April 29, 2018. My background mirrors yours, in that I was Pentacostal as a child and searched diligently for a church that was the true “root” of Christianity. I had never heard of Orthodoxy until I found your Boot camp on YouTube. I am an educated man, a retired commander in the Illinois State Police and have studied many religions. I truly believe the Holy Spirit lead me to your programs and to Orthodoxy. My friends and family think I am in a caveman religion, because the Church has stood so steadfastly by the “old and outdated” traditions. I gladly share my beliefs when asked, but pray my life changes help lead them to the true church. Lord Have Mercy on me a sinner.

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