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Be Transformed

Discover Your Purpose and Embrace
Your Calling

Fr Barnabas Powell


Fr Barnabas Powell
fr barnabas powell

An Invitation to Embrace a New Normal Life in Christ

Imagine being invited to the awesome life-fulfilling adventure of becoming by grace what Christ is by nature!

That’s just what the Orthodox Faith offers everyone of us. 

In a time when our lives are increasingly complicated, when society is gripped by chaos and confusion and when we are struggling with purpose and meaning, the Good News that there is a time tested path that can actually transform our life is a powerful message. That’s what we are excited to share with you here!

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April 19 & 20 Orthodox Christian Women’s Fellowship: Akron, OH


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Thoughts to ponder

At the Festival of Faith, Fr. Barnabas will offer his talk entitled “Be Watchful, Be Sober: St. Paul’s Path to Spiritual Maturity.” The Statement is “St. Paul reveals the Path to Spiritual Maturity for everyone when he instructs the Corinthians and the Thessalonians on how to form an attentive and sober mind to discern the wise way of living and prioritizing the Faith every day.”

Fr. Barnabas Powell

Festival of Faith