Written Devotional

Don’t Be Ashamed to Repent!

Posted By Post Date: February 17, 2022

St. John Chrysostom declares “Be ashamed when you sin, not when you repent.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had people confide in me that they don’t go to confession because they are ashamed. What a brilliant trick of the evil one! The very medicine that would...

Where Is the Promise of His Coming?

Posted By Post Date: February 16, 2022

Waiting has never been my strength. I’m the kind of person who would ask the Lord for patience and then add “and please give it to me right now!” Yep, that’s me, alright! But there is great wisdom in learning to wait. In fact, one of the greatest gifts...

What Is Salvation? – A New Video From Fr. Barnabas

Posted By Post Date: February 15, 2022

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Of Your Own Free Will

Posted By Post Date: February 15, 2022

It seems we humans never tire of talking about Freedom. But what is freedom? During a dark time in human history slavery of one form or another was the norm in human societies. Our own nation, The United States, fought a war with ourselves over this blight on human...

Me and Jesus Got Our Own Thing Going! Really?

Posted By Post Date: February 14, 2022

In 1972 America was experiencing an amazing movement among young people called “The Jesus Movement.” Jesus was the “hero” of a lot of the youth of the day! And I was right there in the middle of it. At 12 years old and about to step into my teenage...

Check Out Our New and Improved Ministry Website!

Posted By Post Date: February 11, 2022

Thank you so much for being a part of our Faith Encouraged Media outreach! Our ministry website has gone through a redesign to focus on what we are doing now – written daily devotionals AND weekly videos of our homilies at our parish. Check out the new website and...

They Should Be Ready By Now!

Posted By Post Date: February 11, 2022

An ongoing joke among church families is how long it takes to get ready for church on Sunday mornings! Of course, this isn’t true of going to work or going to school, or going to a game, or a dance or most other social and work-related events. But, when...

The Paraclete

Posted By Post Date: February 10, 2022

Emotionally, I’m done. Mentally, I’m drained. Spiritually, I feel dead. Physically, I smile! Ever been there? Yeah, me too. So what drives us to wait till it’s almost too late to ask for help? Pride? Fear? Probably both, and then some other realities like not knowing ourselves well enough...

You Are SO Close!

Posted By Post Date: February 9, 2022

“Missed it by THAT much.” OK, I know I’m dating myself and all my consultants and advisors always warn me when I do this I’m not communicating well to the younger generation. But, seriously, shouldn’t everyone know Maxwell Smart? Well, perhaps not. But I do know that all of...

Wise AND Innocent

Posted By Post Date: February 8, 2022

Someone once said, “Anyone who says raising children is not the hardest job in the world isn’t doing it right!” And that is so very true. But “difficult” doesn’t mean “bad” or “broken,” it just means the task is meant to focus you and make you more attentive! And...