Written Devotional

Be An Example To Believers

Posted By Post Date: July 8, 2022

I never will forget what a wise, old pastor once told me about being a leader in a church: “Son” he said, “You can say anything you need to to a group of people who know you love them.” Wow, how I’ve learned the truth of this over the...

Temporary VS. Timeless

Posted By Post Date: July 7, 2022

Have you ever thought about all those people Jesus healed during His ministry here on earth? They were so happy, grateful, and changed. In some cases (the illness of leprosy) they were now free to rejoin society, be reunited with their families, and finally, get their life back. They...

The Elect Obtained It!

Posted By Post Date: July 6, 2022

“Don’t watch them make the sausage!” Good advice if you have a bit of a squeezy stomach. Having been exposed to farm life as a boy, I can tell you what my grandmother said about raising pigs: “Honey when it comes to pigs; we use everything from the rooter...

Against Such There Is No Law

Posted By Post Date: July 5, 2022

There ought to be a law! Isn’t it fascinating that the first thing most people think about when there is some conflict or some disagreement or some unwanted actions in our society is that there should be some governmental control issued to make people “behave” the way they “should?”...

Let (TRUE) Freedom Ring (For Everyone!)

Posted By Post Date: July 4, 2022

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” That’s what Janice Joplin sang. But is that what freedom is? Not according to the timeless Faith. Freedom, for the wisdom of the Faith, has everything to do with actually disciplining my passions in such a way that I discover...

Please Check Out our Improved Parish Website

Posted By Post Date: July 1, 2022 An Ancient Faith Blog The post Please Check Out our Improved Parish Website appeared first on Faith Encouraged.

Love – More Than A Feeling, More Than Desire

Posted By Post Date: July 1, 2022

The Apostle Paul says that love is the “more excellent way.” But we have allowed the word “love” to be dumbed down to little more than “feelings of desire.” But the Faith does not allow us to reduce “love” to anything less than God Himself. St. John insists that...

Fatherhood and True Leadership = Service

Posted By Post Date: June 30, 2022

My friend, Bill Mariannes, recently published a post on social media that, frankly, scared me. I think I had a sense that these statistics were real, but the combination of all of them shook me up. He was writing on the crisis of fatherlessness in current society. As a...

Examining The Ground That Grows Your Choices

Posted By Post Date: June 29, 2022

We were talking in Bible study recently about “First Principles.” It seems this is something we so rarely consider, but if we miss fundamental truths, we always end up in places we never intended to go. I will go further and say that a regular examination of the ground that...

Making Things Worse!

Posted By Post Date: June 28, 2022

Sometimes you just gotta cut your losses! But how do you do that, especially when emotions are involved? It seems I was at a very familiar place in my life. Being someone who loves to help and loves to be seen as a benefit in someone else’s life, I...