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I’m sitting in my home office on my “day off” (I know, funny, right?) looking over the scripture readings for the beginning of Great Lent. Setting up the subject lines and focusing in on the “one thing needful” in these passages to share with you! On my second screen I have some of the works of the Fathers of the Church ready to go to consult, and on another open tab, I have some daily news sites open to see how the timeless wisdom of the Faith applies to the daily reality we all experience!

This is my “writing method” for creating the daily devotionals! And I’m excited and eager to get started!

I also have open in another tab my Patreon Page for Faith Encouraged! And I’m excited to see folks who’ve become patrons of the ministry at $5 a month, $10 a month, $20 a month, a few $50 a month patrons, and even one Patron who’s committed to being a $100 a month Patron! There are 16 Patrons as of today for a total monthly investment of $300. This is wonderful, and I am so grateful to these friends who believe in this work.

What about you? If we had 150 friends (which is less than 2% of the folks who follow our work on a daily basis) become Patrons, we’d be able to expand our staff and reach more people; people like Sean, who isn’t Orthodox (yet!):

Greetings Fr. Barnabas,

Your daily ministry means a lot to me as a (not-quite-yet) convert. Actually, I’m totally on board with the idea of converting, and my kids, 9 and 10, are pretty much there as well. My wife has been working two jobs so that we can pay off most of our debt, and has not yet had a chance to experience orthodoxy except through me (and boy am I a poor representative), and what little she hears of podcasts (like yours) while I am listening. At any rate, thank you for all you do, and hopefully we’ll be able to contribute more in the future. The great thing about Patreon is all those $5 and $10 donations each month add up quickly, and I pray they do for you and your ministry as well!

Thanks Sean!

When you become a Patron of Faith Encouraged Ministries, you make it possible for us to keep reaching those spiritually hungry people both in and out of the Orthodox Faith. Your support of $5 a month, $10 a month, or even $20 a month builds a support structure that makes this work OUR work together. And when those who are seeking the fullness of the Faith, find it through your efforts, we all reap the joy of more and more people knowing and living Orthodoxy! So, join the team, add Faith Encouraged Ministries to your daily prayers, and pray for those spiritually hungry people all around you who are looking for what you already have! THEN, HELP THEM FIND HOME!

Take a moment and become a Patron! Just go to this link and find out that there are “rewards” for supporting this outreach ministry! Claim yours, and invest in eternity!


Fr. Barnabas, Founder, Faith Encouraged Ministries

P.S. When you become a Patron at just $20 a month, I’ll send you a signed copy of my new book “A Faith Encouraged.” Just click the Patreon Link and join our growing TEAM!


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