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The Second Coming According to our Orthodox Faith!

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Just got off the phone with my special guest for this Sunday’s program on the Rapture, Dr. Terry Hebert.

Dr. Hebert is a former Dispensationalist who converted to Orthodoxy. This Sunday you will enjoy hearing his story and just what is the teaching about the Second Coming so popular among many American Christians today!

Go to THIS SUNDAY at 8 PM Easterfn/5 PM Pacific and listen to Dr. Hebert and myself, but MORE IMPORTANTLY, give us a call with your questions! You can even go to the page above and leave a question for us online or you can call this Sunday at 855-237-2346. That number will be working Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern! I look forward to talking to you!

Go to Faith Encouraged LIVE and leave your question or get ready to listen Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific

You can email me your question at

Listen this Sunday to

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