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THANK YOU for using A Journey to Fullness Outreach Videos!


Our “A Journey to Fullness” 16 part video series and workbook was launched on October 3rd of this year and I am so grateful to God for the initial reaction to the series.

Here are some very kind comments from friends:

I first started following Fr Barnabas’ work a decade ago, when I read his old blog. I was blessed to spend some time with him at seminary, and see him mature into a worthy clergyman. Years later, it’s no surprise that Fr Barnabas continues to be a leading voice in the Orthodox Church, as a diligent (and talented) evangelist of Christ and His Kingdom. May God continue to bless Fr Barnabas’s efforts, and all who embark on the Journey to Fullness.  Steven Christoforou Director, Y2AM, Greek Orthodox Archdiocese of America

The consumer-oriented Christianity we see on every side offers junk food–initially tasty, but in the end less than nutritious. ‘Journey to Fullness’ presents a way of faith that is often demanding, but leading to full maturity in Christ. Frederica Mathewes-Green


Watch the video below and share this news with your friends, family, parish priest, Sunday School teachers, Youth groups, or anyone who wants to discover an “on ramp” to the timeless Christian Faith. Orthodoxy is Normal Christianity and it’s time we shared this treasure with our neighbors! Let’s get folks onto “A Journey to Fullness.”


You can order a set of DVDs with all 16 video sessions plus the Workbook at the Ancient Faith Store or you can download the video sessions at our Vimeo Site!

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