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Tag: Ephesians 5:8-19

The Power of Being Attentive

St. John of Damaskos says: "Without attentiveness and watchfulness of the intellect we cannot be saved and rescued from the devil, who walks about ‘like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour’" Sounds pretty serious. And yet, the virtue of attentiveness is so very difficult and elusive. I guess it's so difficult because it is…

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In pagan Greek mythology, Hypnos is the god of sleep and his brother is Thanos, the god of death. They both live in Hades and Hypnos lives in a cave that is the mouth of the River Lethe and that means "forgetfulness." I'm sensing a symbolic opportunity here! And the symbolic opportunity revolves around the persistent…

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The Spirit-Filled Life

When I was growing up in the Pentecostal church of my youth, a regular theme of sermons I heard was about being "spirit-filled." Our emphasis on the Holy Spirit had everything to do with "living a holy life" and experiencing an intimate relationship with God. By the way, both of those are really important! Of…

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AWAKE, O Sleeper!

"Wake up, sleepy head!" Boy, I REALLY didn't want to get out of bed! You know how you feel when someone wakes you up from a deep sleep? I felt disoriented, and groggy. It felt like my eyelids weighed a ton! But, staying in the bed wasn't an option if I wanted to go with…

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Being Filled with The Spirit

Hey, we were kids! And it was Christmas morning AND our parents were still asleep AND it was a snow cone maker AND there were sugary syrup packets! What did you expect was going to happen? Well, let’s just say that after THAT Christmas morning a general rule was firmly established: No opening presents UNTIL…

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