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Stubborn Knots and Strong Answers

Christ is risen!

Have you ever wished your life had a “do over” button? Most of our lives have moments in them we would love to change if only we could. And the reason is that my mistakes set up a pattern of repercussions and reactions that I would really rather avoid. My past mistakes sometimes tie my life in knots I can’t untie.

Yesterday’s focus was on the Sunday of the Myrrh-bearing women. Listen to one of the hymns of this wonderful Sunday:

“When You did cry, Rejoice, unto the Myrrh-bearers, You did make the lamentation of Eve the first mother to cease by Your Resurrection, O Christ God. And You did bid Your Apostles to preach: The Savior is risen from the grave.”

So, at Christ’s resurrection Eve’s lament ceased. Our first mother succumbed to the trickery of the evil one and we fell, but now the “weaker sex” becomes the first heralds of the resurrection, while the men who followed the Lord hid in fear! The Myrrh-bearers’ bravery in rising early to “minister to the Lord” was just one more revelation of how the Resurrection of Jesus untied the knots of humanity’s past mistakes and failures.

We can see how our past mistakes can be untied by this very same grace manifested by the Myrrh-bearers. In fact, our past mistakes can become impotent to enslave us to destructive patterns in our lives if only we will enter fully into the Resurrection life given to us by Christ.

First love must conquer fear. The Myrrh-bearers loved Jesus more than they feared the obstacles that stood in their way! The stone was too big to move. The soldiers guarded the tomb. The leaders of their own people were threatening anyone who followed the Crucified Jesus. And yet, early in the morning, they went anyway to minister to the Lord. Their love for Jesus simply was more powerful than their fear of the obstacles in their way.

In my own life, I have struggled with honestly naming my failings. In fact, I have become quite good at hiding from my mistakes and sins. But this only leads to the knots of my past growing tighter around my life and enslaving me. It is only when I allow my devotion, affection, and desire for Christ overcome the power of my sins that I bravely enter into the Empty Tomb of my eternal forgiveness.

Second faith must conquer doubt. It would have been easier to hide in the house like the disciples. It would have been easier to wait until someone could accompany them to move the stone. It would have been easier to let someone else finish the process of anointing the Lord’s body for burial. And, it would have been easier to believe that what they saw at the Empty Tomb was wishful thinking, group delusion, or all in their heads. But these brave women simply refused to allow their doubts to overcome their faith.

They were the first to declare to the world “Christ is risen” and they brought this message to the men hiding in fear. And then these men took this message to the world.

In your life today, what stubborn “knot” of sin or past mistakes holds you down and keeps you from living in the freedom Christ provides by His resurrection?

Today, let love conquer fear and faith conquer doubt. Just as God untied the knots of the Fall for humanity, so He stands ready to untie the knots of your own life.

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