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Today’s Devotional


Thank You! Thank you for supporting Faith Encouraged Ministries for #GivingTuesday this year! We had a goal of $1000 for that day and we raised almost $2000 between our FaceBook efforts and our PayPal donation button! This was so Encouragd=ing to Fr. Barnabas and the whole Faith Encouraged Team! We...

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About Faith Encouraged

The Mission of Faith Encouraged is to be a catalyst for the appreciation and the adoption of an intentional practice of the Orthodox Christian faith.

Faith Encouraged is the prayerful ministry of Fr. Barnabas Powell. Fr. Barnabas, a convert to the Holy Orthodox Christian Church, entered the Orthodox Church in November of 2001. In the Orthodox Christian faith, Fr. Barnabas has found a dynamic and disciplined lifestyle of faith centered on the miracle of God becoming flesh so that man might become “like Christ.” This journey to theosis cannot …be accomplished without a purposeful and intentional practice of the healing disciplines of the Orthodox faith. It is learning this lifestyle that overcomes the debilitating effects of a self-centered life, and becoming free to become by grace what Christ is by nature. This is the purpose for which every man, woman, boy, and girl was created.

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