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With the growth of the “nones” as the fastest religious category in America, those of us who love the Faith are left to wonder what is happening. It’s simple. People are becoming MORE honest about their dissatisfaction with Church.

What if there was a tool to help your parish introduce interested persons to the Orthodox Faith? What if you had a tool you could use after your annual festival; when you had guests visit your community; when you were trying to explain the faith to a fiance who was about to marry an Orthodox Christian in your parish? Would that be helpful to you?

On Monday August 24th we will Premier the Demo Video for “A Journey to Fullness.” This video project will consist of 20 fifteen minute videos, a student workbook and a facilitator’s guide that you can use to walk folks through the beauty of an introduction to the Orthodox Christian Faith. Would you like to see this demo video?

All you have to do is go to and add your email to the list of folks who will get a notice when the video is going to Premier. Add your email today and join us as we catch the vision for offering the answer to the deepest spiritual hunger of everyone!


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