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This IS NOT Goodbye (But It Is a Cry for HELP!) :-)

Sharing Eternal Wisdom until the Whole World Knows!

Dear Fellow Orthodox on Purpose!

So many of you have been so kind to ask about the future of the Daily Devotionals! And it’s important to me that you know this isn’t “goodbye!”

But it is a PAUSE to accomplish what I believe is God’s will for our work together. I am going to take this time to write MORE devotionals and prepare for the growth of Faith Encouraged! But I need your help to do this!

I need help if this daily outreach is going to continue and I am going to truly serve the increasing number of folks who reach out to Faith Encouraged Ministries from all over the place! And that means building a staff! With this added help, we will be able to answer emails quickly, create a production calendar to improve the editing and writing of the daily devotionals (just ask my editor of my new book! She’ll tell you I need the help!), and schedule more speaking engagements and facilitate travel. All of this is to raise the awareness of our Orthodox Faith and to encouraged our Orthodox to STAY Orthodox!

To help accomplish this, Faith Encouraged Ministries has joined Patreon. This is a place that helps support the creation of media and let’s you become a partner in supporting this work! PLUS, my “Patrons” get insider info and even special gifts for your support. Check out this LINK and become a patron today!

And know that, come Clean Monday on February 27th, Faith Encouraged Daily will be back, God willing and with your help!

Thank you for your support and God bless!

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