No Justice, No Peace?

No Justice, No Peace?

Today we hear the story of two debtors. One debtor owes a huge debt to his king, and when the king decides to collect what is rightfully his, this debtor falls to his knees and begs the king to have patience with him and he will repay the debt.

The king knows the servant will never be able to pay, so, out of pity, the king simply forgives the man his debt.

This very servant has a fellow servant who owes him some small amount. After the king’s great kindness to him, he demands this man pay him immediately! When his friend says the same words he said to the king to have patience with him, he refuses and has his friend thrown in prison till he pays up.

Needless to say, the story doesn’t end well for this ungrateful man. The king hears what this man did to his friend and then demands full payment of the original debt!

There is something wrong in us when we are so blind to the kindness and mercy of God that we treat each other with no mercy. Today protestors shout “No justice, no peace.” But the real truth is “No mercy, no peace.” Until this becomes our heart’s cry, we will remain slaves to the debt we owe to the mercy of God.

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