Let NOT Your Heart Be Troubled!

Let NOT Your Heart Be Troubled!

Father Barnabas,

Bedtime won’t be the same for my kids without you nightly scripture lessons.  Please include our address in your list to tell us what the changes to your site are.

Can you also help us and let us know how to sync up your old podcasts to this year’s daily scripture reading calendar?  Your lessons have been a tremendous help for us and since the scriptures are timeless perhaps we can follow along with your old podcasts.  I just can’t figure out which podcast title corresponds with the current scripture reading.

So many have written concerned and, frankly, upset that I announced a break in our Daily Devotionals.

But I don’t want you upset, so please know Good News is coming.

Recently, I spent some time with a trusted friend and advisor and shared with him the growth and the challenge of doing this media work. I shared with him how we started about 2 years ago doing both an audio and written Daily Devotional, and we post both audio and video recordings of our weekly Homilies, AND we do a LIVE call – in show on the 2nd and 4th Sundays called Faith Encouraged LIVE. Plus, we just released a new book called “A Faith Encouraged” AND we have a 16 part video evangelism tool plus workbook called “A Journey to Fullness.”

Dear in Christ Fr Barnabas,

I trust that the imminent reordering of my morning lineup and disrupting the balance of the universe are guided by the hand of God. 
We will survive, but know that your bright light of insight will be missed in the interim.

This media work has been well received, by God’s Grace. But with all of this, I’ve seen my email, messages, requests for speaking engagements, and questions about the Faith explode with growth! THANK GOD. This is wonderful and more than I could have imagined just 2 years ago!

Father Barnabas:

I would like to know the reason?
Thank you

After hearing all this my friend looked at me with a very serious expression and asked “What about your parish and your family?” I told him by God’s grace the parish is growing. In fact, we are going to have to build a new church soon to accommodate our growing family. As for my precious wife and girls, well, I confessed I needed to increase my time with them.

That’s when he hit me with this Truth – “You have to either Grow or Stop! The status quo is going to kill you!”

I just don’t sense the Lord wants me to stop. I don’t want to stop. My wife and girls don’t want me to stop. And, by your emails, many of you don’t want me to stop either! So, Faith Encouraged Ministries HAS TO GROW!

In the Next few days everyone on our email list will be getting a series of messages from me explaining how we plan to do that! Once we have got everything set in place, the Daily Devotionals WILL RETURN, God willing.

In the meantime, You can stay connected by adding your email to our mailing list by going to WWW.FaithEncouraged.Org!

And for my precious family looking for a way to use some of the old devotionals with their little ones at bedtime, AncientFaith.com has a great resource for you.

Infact, below are the links to all the archived programs for Faith Encouraged Ministries:

Faith Encouraged – Weekly Homilies (both Audio and Video) from Fr. Barnabas – http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/faithencouraged

Faith Encouraged Daily – Daily Devotionals tied to our Daily Scripture Readings – http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/faithencourageddaily – You can also go to Faith Encouraged.org and look up a devotional by date to see if it corresponds with a current reading!

Faith Encouraged LIVE – the twice a month LIVE 90 minute call in show that deals with topics of an everyday practice of the Faith – http://www.ancientfaith.com/podcasts/faithencouragedlive

And don’t forget our daily devotional Book – A Faith Encouraged!

Plus, check out the Video Outreach Series – A Journey to Fullness

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