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Did you know Faith Encouraged Ministries has over 8600 “friends” on our ministry Facebook pages?

Here are our Facebook Pages:

That means that if only 2% of those “friends” who enjoy our media outreach each week were to becoming monthly Patrons at $20 per month, we’d raise over $40,000 a year to support our work.

That would allow us to hire an assistant, increase our production schedule, purchase new media equipment, AND increase our outreach to the overwhelming number of spiritually hungry people who contact us every week looking for the Orthodox Faith! Wow!

$20 per month gets you a signed copy of Fr. Barnabas’ new book “A Faith Encouraged.”

Why not become a Patron today at that level, and ask 2 friends to do the same? After all, if it’s only money keeping us from growing, that’s a small barrier that we can all help overcome!

Just Click this Patreon Link and Join the Team!Thanks!



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