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An Introduction to Original Christianity!

It’s almost HERE!

The demographics don’t lie. We are living in a time when it is hard to stay faithful to the Orthodox Faith. Our missing young people are a testament to that stark and sobering reality. But there is no use in cursing the darkness. It’s time to light a candle!

Last August we began the fundraising to create a video series we can use to introduce (or even re-introduce) the Orthodox Christian Faith to the average person. This program was already being used in my own parish to educate people who came to our annual Festival about Orthodoxy.

Now, the dream YOU helped make possible is ready to release! Thank God and thank you!

On October 3rd, 2016 we will release “A Journey to Fullness” 16 part video series as a tool YOU can use to introduce the Orthodox Faith to the average person, and even a way to educate lifelong Orthodox Christians on how to really appreciate the Faith they have had all their lives!

We are partnering with Ancient Faith Ministries to bring you this video teaching tool. Click here to order the Series when it’s released in October!

And here’s just a taste of what’s coming!


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