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Every year, after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we get #Giving Tuesday. This is a day to try to pry our souls away from mere consumerism and focus on investing our treasure in Eternal Values.

Today is #Giving Tuesday, the day we here at Faith Encouraged Ministries use to launch our Annual Giving campaign for the end of the year!

This year our goal is to raise $5000 in One-Time gifts and increase our monthly support by $200 per month. And some of you have decided to get a head start on supporting Faith Encouraged! We are already over $1000 in one-time gifts! 

2024 is a year where we are expanding our media products. In the works is a new long-form program that will be produced with guests and topics that focus on resetting our idea of what a “normal” Christian life is supposed to be. We will encourage all of us to drop the excuses, confront the weaknesses, and embrace the power of the Holy Spirit to actually see our lives transformed by God’s grace. We will explore the habits and priorities of the Saints to learn the lessons of faithfulness, even in a faithless age.

And you can help make this new show possible.

Your gift on #Giving Tuesday will be used to buy new equipment to create a studio to shoot the new show. Buy equipment that will allow us to have professional post-production capabilities, and to bring together Fr. Barnabas and interesting guests to help us Live a Normal Orthodox Life!

Are you willing to join the partnership with Fr. Barnabas to make this happen?

Yes, I will Give a One-Time Gift!

Yes, I will make a Monthly Gift to Faith Encouraged

Yes, I will Pray for Faith Encouraged Ministries (Clicking here will allow you to send Fr. Barnabas a note of support)

Please join us in supporting Faith Encouraged Ministries.

We will send out a report to you after #Giving Tuesday to let you know how close we got to our Year-End goal!

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