Happy New Year – The Year of Our Lord 2023

Happy New Year – The Year of Our Lord 2023

Another year has passed. 2022 has been filled with challenges, I have to confess. The pandemic saw much of our financial support dry up (over half of our monthly support), and we had to revert back to an all-volunteer staff. We made the cuts we needed to but we really regretted it!

But now, things are looking up! Fr. Barnabas is getting back on the road and will be speaking around the country again on a more consistent basis starting in January. Our first trip will be to Ohio for a meeting in the Greek Orthodox Metropolis of Pittsburgh. Then we already have trips planned for several places on the East Coast and the West Coast! There are also possible trips to Alaska and Australia that we are considering later in 2023!

But the real BIG news is that sometime during Great Lent in 2023 Fr. Barnabas is planning on launching a new video podcast called “Normal Orthodoxy.” We are hoping to do this weekly by video with special guests who will talk with Fr. Barnabas about how our Orthodox Faith is meant to form and inform our everyday living. There is a hope that this will be a significant addition to the serious conversation about our meaning crisis in this society. “I am increasingly concerned about how we are forming our young adults and teens to think in an Orthodox Christian way in facing the challenges of this secular madness that is destroying faith and moral behavior,” says Fr. Barnabas when asked about the new show.

But we need your help! We need to purchase a new camera, and new audio equipment, and we need to set up lighting and a studio in father’s home for this new venture. Fr. Barnabas insists this looks as good or better than anything else out there right now. This message is too important to look amateurish and unimportant! Our children and young adults need to be proud of the way we present this Message to all people.

So, we are asking you on this last day of 2022 to consider a Year-End gift to Faith Encouraged Ministries. Will you help Fr. Barnabas achieve this goal of using media to share our Faith and support our faithful in living our Faith? We are already halfway to our financial goal of $5000 for this equipment. Everything over that amount we will use to add staff support for the outreach.

Please help us reach our goal! Go to our secure website and donate today. Faith Encouraged Ministries is a 501(c)3 Tax deductible non-profit ministry and TODAY is the LAST DAY to give in 2022!

The size of the gift isn’t as important as all of us working together! Thank you and may our Good God grant you and your family a blessed 2023! Please pray for Fr. Barnabas and all of us here at Faith Encouraged Ministries! Donate here – https://faithencouraged.org/make-a-donation/

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