Giving Tuesday Is November 28!

Giving Tuesday Is November 28!


Look at this note we recently received:

“Thank you so much, Father Barnabas, for these words which you share every day. Your blog is part of my morning meditation.”

And another:

“Fr. Barnabas your blessing, please! This was so powerful and the words cut me! Thank you so much!!! I need to be awake attentive..and mature in every moment. Instead, I reflect in the evening on the day and have so much regret.. and ask for forgiveness.. but hearing this message I need to transition the priority to being attentive ALL the time and not just at the end of the day.”

We are blessed with these kinds of messages every day from all over the country and even other nations like Australia and Romania. They encourage us to keep going, keep working, and keep sharing.

We are also excited to launch some new media products next year! A long-form interview and speaking show is in the planning stage where fr. Barnabas and his guests will talk about the issues of the day and how the Timeless wisdom of Orthodoxy can address the problems and choices we have to make. We are also working to create another video series to walk us through the powerful teachings of the Divine Liturgy. Why do we worship like we do? What is the Divine Liturgy trying to instill in our daily lives? And, we hope to create more video projects like this in the future.

That’s why each year we kick off our annual giving campaign on Giving Tuesday! 

Our Goal this year is $5000 one-time gifts AND $200 or more monthly gifts to help us buy the equipment we need, pay for the post-production work on what we are already doing, and create quality products that you would be proud to share with your friends and family!

Will you help us? Add Fr. Barnabas and Faith Encouraged to your prayers AND consider a special Gift before the end of the year to help us reach our goals. We are especially in need of additional Monthly support. Frankly, we lost almost $1000 per month in support after the pandemic, and we haven’t recovered yet. If you were to share with us a monthly gift of $10, $20, or even $50 per month, that would be very helpful to us. 

Regardless, no gift is too small. Anything you give will be used to support our Daily Devotionals, our Weekly Homilies, and our special events in 2024!

Fr. Barnabas is ramping up his travel and speaking events and is looking forward to meeting you if he is in your area!

2024 is going to be an exciting year for Faith Encouraged Ministries, and we want you as one of our ministry partners. Please share with us a special gift at this time to get our new year off to a solid start!

Click Here to Make a Difference!

Yes, Father, I will Give a One-Time Gift!

Yes, Father, I will Become A Monthly Partner

Thank you so much for your prayers and Your support. May God bless you and your family this holiday season.

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