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It’s weird how a note from someone who writes to me can be both so very encouraging AND heartbreaking. But it happens every week!

“Hi Father Barnabas. Just wanted to let you know that your podcasts and videos are extremely helpful to me as an ex-Protestant catechumen. However unfortunately I am dealing with many issues that are directly affecting my spiritual health…”

This precious person goes on to pour his heart out in a way that I find amazing! His heart longs for God, but challenges exists in his life and he’s found something of a connection with the media work we are doing. So, he writes me.

I am both honored and humbled by such trust. Frankly, it’s a bit scary because I can’t know the fullness of the situation the people who write me are truly in.

This is why I need help!

And it’s why I’m asking my friends who have enjoyed the Daily Devotionals, the LIVE Sunday show, and the weekly Homilies from our parish, to help. I need to build a team of Patrons to make sure notes like this don’t fall through the cracks; to grow our technical abilities; to make sure all our Patrons are kept in the communications loop; and to help with production schedules and speaking engagements. As a dear friend said recently to me when I shared with him what’s going on “Father, you need to either grow or shrink. You can’t keep up this pace by yourself!”

We already have 22 Patrons on our team! And we are approaching the $500 per month in support! I am so grateful! But we need at least 100 Patrons and we need to get to $2000 per month to sustain our team needs. So, we have a ways to go. But I have told the Lord that I will accept as His will for our work no matter what! If we make it, then I’ll know He blesses our plans. If not, then thank God He knows better than me! Either way, Glory to God in all things!

Will you join the team? All you have to do is go to THIS LINK at and become a Patron at any level you wish! Even if it’s $5 per month, if enough of my friends come on board, the need will be met. All of us together CAN lift this load!

By God’s grace, Daily Devotionals will resume on Clean Monday (February 27th), and I’ll keep you posted on our success. Please consider joining the Patron’s Team today for Faith Encouraged Ministries. Thanks and may God grant us all a spiritually fruitful Great Lent!

Your servant,

Fr. Barnabas

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