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Faith Encouraged Live with Fr. Barnabas Launches THIS SUNDAY!


The spiritual discipline of Hospitality, the command to love our neighbor as ourselves, all become a practical reality in parish life in each community. How does our Orthodox faith train us to be a welcoming and hospitable community of the Christian Body that actually allows our neighbors to become spiritual family members in our Orthodox faith? This Sunday Faith Encouraged Live with Fr. Barnabas launches at Tune in and join Fr. Barnabas and his guests Fr. Jim Kordaris, Fr. John Parker, and Fr. John Finley as we discuss the spiritual discipline of Hospitality and Outreach to make US mature Christians in the likeness of Jesus Christ!

Go to at 8 PM Eastern/5 PM Pacific his Sunday night September 14th and join this new call in program as Life Encouraqgd Ministries partners with Ancient Faith Radio to share the beauty of Orthodoxy with “whosoever will!” Copy the banner above and put it on your website or share it with your parish!

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