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Providing For Him

It's time to reset what we think "normal" is. For too long we have reduced a Normal Orthodox Life to merely going through the motions. Our parish family has recently done a very thorough and difficult Strategic Planning Initiative where we worked hard over the past few months to take a serious and honest look…

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Moved With Compassion

Is compassion enough to make real change or make good decisions about how to live your life? There are so many voices in our culture today that claim to justify choices about actually changing timeless moral virtues based on their insistence that they are compassionate towards persons who have been marginalized or mistreated. They say…

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They Believed

There's a wonderful little video running around the internet making fun of those who claim the original apostles and followers of Christ were all lying to get ahead. They lied about the resurrection so they could be powerful. Well, if that were true, they were a bunch of idiots, because every one of them, except for…

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