Be Watchful – Be Sober A Weekend at St. Paul’s, Irvine, CA.

Be Watchful – Be Sober A Weekend at St. Paul’s, Irvine, CA.

Recently, Fr. Barnabas was blessed to be the featured speaker for the Nameday Celebration for St. Paul’s Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA. The Theme of the weekend was Be Watchful – Be Sober, the Path to Spiritual Maturity.

Fr. Barnabas took some of the writings of St. Paul in the New Testament to talk about the Orthodox understanding of how a person grows up in Christ and WHY being a mature Christian means being able to keep your attention AND be at peace regardless of outward circumstances.

We’ll post all of Fr. Barnabas’ talks here so you can participate in this powerful teaching and grow in your faith.

Go Here to listen to the Saturday Sessions and the homily from Saturday Night!

Saturday Morning – “Be Watchful – The Attentive Life” 

Saturday Afternoon – “Be Sober – The Spiritual Life”

Saturday Evening – “Orthodoxy – The End of the World”

Please share these talks with your friends and family who may find this teaching helpful.

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