At the Beginning of the Year

At the Beginning of the Year

Words for me at the beginning of the year:

“Love, endure, overlook, do not get angry, do not become irritated, forgive one another, in order that you resemble our Christ and are counted worthy to be near to Him in His kingdom.”

Elder Ephraim of Philotheou Mount Athos, “Counsels from the Holy Mountain”

Today, when you can only notice the need for these words in your own life and take no thought of these words for your neighbor, your spouse, your children, your enemies, then you will have begun the path toward spiritual maturity. But as long as the thought is allowed to take root in your mind “If only _________ would heed these words then all would be well” you will still be gripped by the self-love that leads to spiritual poverty and remain a stranger to the spiritual freedom of humility.

See to your own sins, my soul, and work while it is day, because the night is coming when no one can work.

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