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A Journey to Fullness Premiers August 24!


Dear Friends and Ministry Partners,

When we started following up on folks who expressed interest in learning more about Orthodoxy after our first Church Festival in 2010, I never expected that small beginning to grow into a full blown opportunity that share this project with the entire Church.

But here we are at a pivotal moment in the life of this project you and I have talked about for some time now.

On Monday, August 24 we will Premier the Demo Video for “A Journey to Fullness” Outreach Project. And we will begin the hard work of funding this project and bringing it to completion!

A recent study found that a million Americans will stop going to Church in 2015! Why? With the spiritual hunger that exists in every heart, why are modern Churches losing so many people? What’s missing? Well, it could be that the fullness of the Faith is missing and that’s where we come in. Our Orthodox Faith has been steady and faithful and providing the timeless wisdom for true life for 20 centuries. Orthodoxy is how Christianity is suppose to be. But folks won’t know that unless we share our faith with them.

That’s why A Journey to Fullness is a project that has been on my heart for over 5 years, and why I hope you’ll join me in making this project a reality.

Would you like to see this Premier? All you have to do is go to and add your email to the growing list of folks who will see the Premier on Monday the 24th.



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